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XR Institute s.r.o. (Extended Reality Institute) is a R&D organisation which is since 2019 focused on applied research, industrial research and experimental development in the latest technological area.

The main focus is on the areas of virtual and augmented reality and ergonomics. Our activity mainly covers the industrial production sector, however, we also operate in the areas of logistics, administration, healthcare, education and security forces.

Our commercial services include: Development of custom software applications and information systems. Consulting and analysis in the field of industrial engineering and optimization of industrial production. Process optimization and standardization. Product testing.

Our Goal

We implement our activities in order to increase the quality of life and overall health of the population. Our goal is to increase the intensity, quality and speed of dissemination of innovations and technology transfer into the economic practice of our region, with an emphasis on progressive (high-tech) technologies.

Our Story

We started as a successful startup of the University of West Bohemia. Our enthusiasm and perseverance have put us in the position of number one in the field of ergonomics and virtual reality in the Czech Republic, with the ambition to become the bearer of innovative solutions at the international level.

Our milestones

Research infrastructure

Laboratory of ergonomics

Our ergonomics and occupational health protection laboratory is certified by the State Health Institute. With the use of the latest modern technologies, we take research in ergonomics to a new level.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Laboratory

In our virtual and augmented reality laboratory, we have at our disposal a number of technical devices that help us to develop and test applications corresponding to the latest trends. Software support is also an integral part.

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