Training of Rescue System in Virtual Reality - FX02030032

The goal of the project is the development of VR applications for education and training of the integrated rescue system members.

Solution period: 8/2020 - 2/2023

Program: The Country for the Future

Project budget: 7.995 thousands

Lead partner: XR Institute s.r.o.

Partners: no

Annotation: This project was focused on the field of education of the integrated rescue system members with the help of virtual reality (VR). During discussions with paramedics, doctors, firefighters and soldiers, the extraordinary potential of this technology for the rescue system members training was revealed, both in preventive preparation and in the operative solution of the crisis situations. The COVID-19 pandemic or similar viral diseases are an example of a situations for which the selected rescue system members can be trained very quickly and effectively without personal contact and therefore without the risk of infection. However, in order to incorporate this type of education into routine practice, it is necessary to design, create and implement innovative training procedures using VR, intended for both preventive training and operational retraining of rescuers. The project addressed both the content and the technical side of the innovative training procedures in VR. The output of the project is a set of virtual reality applications aimed at training procedures in the event of an extraordinary threat to persons in a car accident and in the case of an active shooter. In addition, applications were created for practicing procedures in the event of a highly contagious disease, in extinguishing fires, and for operating an automated external defibrillator and lung ventilator. These applications were subsequently used commercially for the training of paramedics and firefighters, either in the form of custom training or by selling a license to the software with which these trainings can be carried out.

Project outputs: IP – A new or substantially improved procedure, put into practice