Laboratory of ergonomics

Our ergonomics and occupational health protection laboratory is certified by the State Health Institute. With the use of the latest modern technologies, we take research in ergonomics to a new level.


We are an Authorized laboratory of ergonomics and health protection at work - we have the following authorization sets for work physiology and psychology:

• I07 - Measurement and assessment of total physical load

• I08 - Measurement and assessment of local muscle load

• I09 - Ergonomics of the workplace

Certificate of Authorization Number: F0050101521

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Our employees meet the highest professional requirements in the Czech Republic. This is a professional qualification: 39-009-N Specialist in ergonomics, according to Act No. 179/2006 Coll., as amended.

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EMG Holter (GETA)

Key equipment of our laboratory. The device for measuring local muscular load using the integrated electromyography method. It allows full-shift recording of four EMG signals and pulse frequency calculated from a single-lead ECG. The memory capacity of the holter allows you to record data from all channels for 17 hours. After the measurement, the data are transferred to the computer and evaluated in special software.

Motion Capture suit Perception Neuron Studio Inertial System

It is a kinematic suit for the position detection of a person in real time. It contains a total of 17 motion sensors. As an additional device, we use Motion Capture Perception Neuron Studio Gloves containing 6 motion sensors for grip evaluation or gestures simulation.

Strain gauge PDN-20

Tensometric set for measuring push-pull forces.

Jamar PLUS+ dynamometers

The set of force meters from the JAMAR company is mainly used to measure the grip force or the forces exerted by the fingers of the hand during assembly. The set consists of a JAMAR Plus+ digital hand-held load cell (up to 90 kg) and a JAMAR digital finger load cell (up to 15 kg).

Polar M430 GPS watch with heart rate monitor

Watch and chest belt for monitoring the heart rate of the workers.

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