Development of a software platform for remote application management in virtual reality - FX04030040_3287

The project goal is to develop a software platform for remote management of virtual reality applications and headsets.

Innovative system of virtual reality and simulated model cases of security character facilitating training and treatment of police officers in risky situations - VK01020196

The project is focused on creating a structured system in the field of training and reactions in risk situations involving members of the Police using virtual reality and will be divided into 2 modules which simulates real situations of Police.

Training of Rescue System in Virtual Reality - FX02030032

The goal of the project is the development of VR applications for education and training of the integrated rescue system members.

OSH in virtual reality - 11-S4-2021-VUBP

The main goal of the project is to streamline the education of healthcare workers in the field of health and safety using virtual reality. The project creates a number of educational software applications in specific areas of health care and partially also in the area of social services.

Virtual and augmented reality in production - CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/19_264/0019702

The project goal was to expand the company's services by optimizing workplaces in the preparatory stages of their creation with the help of virtual reality technology.

The use of virtual reality in healthcare in the field of medical rehabilitation – IN-VR-2021-321

The applications developed in this internal project aim to improve the life or health status of patients in post-operative conditions, after injuries, oncology patients or patients diagnosed with autism, dementia or muscular atrophy.

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