The use of virtual reality in healthcare in the field of medical rehabilitation – IN-VR-2021-321

The applications developed in this internal project aim to improve the life or health status of patients in post-operative conditions, after injuries, oncology patients or patients diagnosed with autism, dementia or muscular atrophy.

Solution period: 2021

Program: internal research

Project budget: self-financing

Lead partner: XR Institute s.r.o.

Partners: none

Annotation: A series of several virtual reality applications is aimed at developing fine or gross motor skills, improving the mobility of the cervical spine or is taught to activate patients. For example, the software helps users to improve or at least maintain the basic cognitive functions, specifically focusing on hand-eye coordination through cognitive training in a virtual reality environment. Other applications are aimed at improving the mobility of the shoulder joint. Therapeutic relaxation rooms in a virtual reality environment are presented by the Snoezelen application. Compared to the usual form of rehabilitation, rehabilitation in a virtual reality environment uses game elements very significantly in order to increase the motivation to exercise and effectively apply pain management.