The use of virtual reality in education at primary schools – IN-VR-2021-322

Engaging students and helping them to understand the essence in an interactive, playful way, that was the goal of this project, in which a series of six thematically oriented virtual reality applications was developed for chemistry, geography, and physics classes.

Solution period: 2021

Program: internal research

Project budget: self-financing

Lead partner: XR Institute s.r.o.

Partners: none

Annotation: The resulting VR applications are intended for the education of 2nd grade elementary school students in the subjects of chemistry, geography and physics. The software are used to present experiments and trials that are impossible to perform live (for reasons of student safety or insufficient laboratory equipment in primary schools). In the case of chemistry, these are experiments with the dehydration of sugar, the burning of steel wool, and the reaction of alkali metals with fire and water. The aim of the applications is to introduce students to a chemical experiment in an interactive, playful way and thus help them understand the subject matter in the given area. In geography and physics, apps focus on concepts about the solar system, planets, and gravitational forces.

The software was created in direct connection with the solution of the internal project "Using virtual reality in education to support teaching" with the support of the Robotics Center from the Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen (project no. IN-VR-2021-321).