Cost benefit analysis of ergonomic projects – IN-ER-2019-722

This project was focused on the creation of a software application, the support tool, for evaluating the profitability of ergonomic projects based on an economic cost benefit analysis.

Solution period: 2019

Program: internal research

Project budget: self-financing

Lead partner: XR Institute s.r.o.

Partners: none

Annotation: The subject of the research was the creation of a supporting software module covering the needs of most industrial enterprises. The cost benefit analysis in this module is focused on the field of ergonomics. The support tool serves for the analysis and differentiation of costs and benefits of ergonomics. This version of the support tool was created primarily for the calculation and visualization of benefits and costs before and after the implementation of an ergonomic solution. The tool can also be used to predict the appropriateness of deploying an ergonomic program in a company where it is possible to calculate the investment in possible corrective measures.